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"Leaders are servants to those they lead. Let’s work together to leverage our leadership skills to prioritize learning experiences that will have the biggest impact for students."


Ways We Can Work Together

whole group  •  small group  • one-to-one

  • Full or half-day workshops - provides time for larger groups to learn and work together, organized by grade level or mixed grade levels, and based on topic or interests.

  • Study groups - organized by grade level or mixed grade levels and based on specific topics or interests. Smaller groups rotate through sessions lasting approximately 1-2 hours each.

  • Learning labs - gives teachers, coaches and administrators an opportunity to learn alongside one another through classroom observation and debriefing protocols. 

  • Classroom demonstrations or model lessons - provides opportunities to work with students and share teaching strategies or structures in action.

  • Co-planning - gives time and know-how in planning units of study & learning progressions (weekly & daily plans) with a coach guiding the process.

  • E-Consulting - organized in one or two-hour sessions by phone and/or video conferencing.

Everyone has strengths and everyone has something they need to work on.  Having support for both gives you the lift you need to grow.  That's because we are stronger and smarter together.

Whether Julie is working closely with students, parents, teachers, support staff, administrators, or community members, she knows that the key to doing good work together is building strong, trusting relationships. Julie believes we are all leaders - both students and adults.  She explains that, "working together is about leveraging our leadership skills to make the biggest impact on learning and growing new understandings."  Julie creates a learning environment where everyone has time to think, collaborate, try new things, and reflect in order to figure out the best ways to maximize learning for everyone.