Everyone Deserves a Thinking Partner!

Truth—we are smarter together! Learners, of all ages, deserve a THINKING PARTNER or multiple THINKING PARTNERSHIPS. When we think together, there can be so many big take-aways, including some of these:

  • promoting risk taking and trust

  • igniting thinking to get ideas on the table before, during and after a learning experience

  • provoking divergent thinking by pairing learners who may bring out new ideas by working together

  • building new relationships OR building up existing relationships

  • creating a culture of continued learning and revision

Creating THINKING PARTNERSHIPS is the fun part! Finding different partnerships for different reasons to team up to support one another is important because one size fits all or one person fits all doesn’t work. Take a look at this planning grid—it can be used to drum up conversation and create connections for teachers to work with one another!


Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 8.20.40 PM.png