Inspiring Student Ownership & Self-Efficacy: Start With Planning

Written by Julie Wright & Barry Hoonan

Looking for ways to inspire STUDENT OWNERSHIP and SELF-EFFICACY?

The proof is in the planning!

TRY THIS: When you are designing or co-designing instructional plans, size-up--or take stock of-- how the structure of time is being used across the workshop.  If your goal is for students to own the majority of the learning time, then look closely at what students will be up to (and how much time they will be spending) during the Work Time portion of the workshop.  We want to make sure that kiddos have at least 60% of the time so that they can read, write, think, talk, make, create and design = making their learning visible.  For more, check out Chapter 8 & 9 on planning in What Are You Grouping For?

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